Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Little Things

Well, Sophomore year is a wrap. Crazy how time flies - I'm halfway done with college!
So, probably like most people, transition can make me reflective. Going from studying and taking finals like none other last week, to suddenly having days at a time with nothing scheduled or demanded of me, I've been experiencing a culture shock of sorts. Hence, an even more conducive environment for reflection. Anyway, as I was thinking back over this past semester and all of the awesome things that happened, all the places I was able to go, all the events I was able to attend, and things along that nature, I came to a realization. Sure, I can look back at these past four months and pick out certain days and even weeks that were particularly memorable, like spring break in Florida or going to a concert, but that's not all I want to remember about this season of my college career.

See, for me, this semester wasn't just the big, memorable events. It was listening to Becca's "guilty pleasures" playlist every morning. It's was Mel's daily screaming, and becoming familiar with every root in the gorge. It was learning to be okay with taking selfies for Snapchat, and eating meals with a team I wasn't even on. It was coming back exhausted from work, smelling like coffee grounds. It was watching Iowa games, losing so many close ones. It was taking out the trash for roomchecks every Wednesday, and making 150+ pots of coffee in the mornings. It was sitting with the council every Friday for family chapel, and missing most of Mondays' and Wednesdays' due to having to leave and eat early. It was eating Louise's famous butter-and-Parmesan air-popped popcorn while laying on their shag rug, and taking almost every single one of my showers in the third shower on the left. It was talking to Mom on the phone for a few minutes every week, and stringing soft Christmas lights above my bed. It was chewing an obscene amount of spearmint gum, and never going a night without my fan on.
This semester was made up of the little things and the lovely people that make me love my life oh so dearly.

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