Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Take me back

It has been exactly 11 months, 3 weeks since I left Faith Village.
Even though I filled an entire half of a notebook within the first week of being back explaining everything I saw and felt, I could write about that week of my life forever.
But I don't want to. It makes my heart hurt too much.

They were the most beautiful people I've ever met. And happy.
They didn't have on fiftieth of everything I have, but they possessed a joy that went much deeper than anything here on earth could bring them. They loved me completely from the first day, before they even got to know me.
Worshiping arm in arm with Gai, having my hair braided everyday by Bon, sharing countless laughs with Galor even though we barely could communicate, climbing tree after tree with the cutest kid I have ever laid eyes on - OnPhon, playing soccer at midnight in the jungle with floodlights illuminating the field, dancing at the wedding celebration with the energetic brick yard kids and the shy teenage boys, playing the piano for Sing Chai and Prae's wedding, being greeted by two-year-old JJ's "swae-de-kap" and bow every morning, jumping rope with Sally, holding hands with all the local village girls, slip and sliding through mud and soap with everyone screaming and laughing, and releasing glowing fire lanterns into the inky night sky with some of the most incredible people I'd ever met on my last night were just a few of the highlights that make me miss that week of my life more than anything.
That was hands-down the most life-changing and inspiring week of my life.
And I can only pray I can go back someday.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Don't forget to smile

Things that never fail to bring a smile to my face:

- coffee
- coloring
- glitter
- the saying "that's the cat's pajamas"
- The Office
- birthday cakes
- bright colors
- my best friend
- playing hide and seek
- mittens
- Metro Station
- sunshine
- any kind of flowers, but especially daisies
- kiwis

Monday, February 13, 2012

Check Yourself

Some days life feels like a giant check-list. actually, most days it feels like this.

Wake up: check
Go to classes: check
Write a paper: check
Run: check
Study for hours: check
Talk to the necessary people: check
Go to bed: check.
Repeat: indefinitely

This isn't how we're designed to live our lives.
This isn't how we should settle to live our lives.

Jesus calls us to daily take up our cross and follow him. This is not supposed to be another mundane check to neatly tic off our to-do lists. Instead, it's a mandate to live differently. To be purposeful with our actions. To deliberately choose Him over ourselves
While it would be fantastic to be able to change up what we do everyday, we do have responsibilities that we are not able to just abandon in favor of running around the globe proclaiming the name of our awesome Savior.
After all, the Lord has graciously called me to the role of being a college student, and going to classes, writing papers, doing my homework, and interacting with fellow students is my way of serving Him.

Our attitude is where the issue lies. Are we viewing our present duties as items to be checked off? Are we going about our days with this nagging pull of obligation looming overhead? Or are we gratefully accepting each task that comes our way, and completing it to the glory of our awesome God?

I'm making it my prayer this week to joyfully and thankfully check off each daily activity.

Wake up: It's so awesome that I've been given yet another day! check
Go to classes: I'm so privileged that my parents value my education enough to send me to this awesome school and it's the least I can do to attend the few classes I have each day. Check
Write a paper: I've been given such a sharp mind, and now I have the opportunity to demonstrate and expand upon its abilities through using language. check
Run: My ability to even perform this task is awe-inspiring. I have no right to grumble, but every reason to keep my body in good shape and good health. check.
Study for hours: I need to view this as a God-honoring activity that shows I'm committed to the responsibility he has currently given me, and I'm completing it to the best of my ability. check
Talk to the necessary people: God has placed all of these awesome individuals around me and even when it's hard, I should strive to do all I can to build them up. Likewise, he has placed the most amazing people in my life to build me up. check
Go to bed: Thank the Lord that sleep exists. check.
Repeat: with a cheerful attitude. always.