Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Time is rarely free

Just as a preview of what will be coming up: I am going to be spilling some of my deepest secrets. After all this is a [kinda] anonymous blog that I don't even know if people read, so maybe sharing my secrets will be a kind of freeing experience. We shall soon see, I suppose.

But anyway, my secret for today is that I often fantasize about free time. Just hearing those two little words sends my head into a beautiful place, whirling with possibilities.
So yesterday I decided to be a little sinful. I thought of what it would be like to have an entire week of free time. Summer is rapidly approaching, and for many it means several weeks of nothing but free time, but for me that is not the case. It never is. But really, that's okay- I don't mind being busy. However, dreaming of free time still consumes my thoughts on some days.

So what would I do with a whole week of nothing but free time?
I would:
- Cook and/or bake something new each day
- Read an entire classic novel
- Deep clean my room. Like, this involves giving and throwing stuff away. I know, intense.
- Exercise differently every day. Yoga, soccer, Thai Chi, polo, P90x- I'd do them all
- Scrapbook. This is a hobby I had as a child but unfortunately have not been able to do a lot with in years. However, someday I hope to have my life all documented in neat little scrapbooks.
- Write
- Clean out my email inbox. Let's just say that's long overdue
- Learn. I love to learn.
- Watch TV every night, when it got dark out. Sometimes I feel guilty for watching in the day, but at night, it's always okay.
- Strengthen my relationships. That's something that always suffers when I'm crunched for time, sadly.

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