Tuesday, January 1, 2013


This year was definitely an interesting one. 

Not quite as exciting as 2011 - it's a little hard to top traveling to 7 different countries, graduating high school, and moving off to college all in the same year. (Though in 2012 I did manage to cross five things off my bucket list, which carries its own share of excitement!)
 But all the same, this was a year of learning (sometimes even when I didn't want to), growth, traveling the country, wonderful people, and God's blessings. 
If I had to sum it up in three instagram pictures (not an easy task), it'd look like this:

Two more semesters at CU, a summer in Spain, a family move to Indiana, the last year of teenage-dom, and much, much more now awaits me in 2013 - I can't wait!

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