Saturday, September 17, 2011

The First Month

It's been exactly one month since my family slammed the SUV's trunk, gave me one last hug, and drove off- leaving me at this place called college. A lot has happened in this month. A lot of new experiences, a lot of unpleasant duties, and a lot of growing. Some days I wake up and still can't believe it. I'll walk to classes, eat meals in the dining hall, and laboriously study, all the while thinking there's no way this is real. I am in no way old enough to be a university student.
So what do I have to show for myself? What exactly has the last month of my forced me to learn? Plenty.

What you learn in the first month of College...
- You will meet more people than you ever have in your life in the first 48 hours
- It really benefits to have a unique name when meeting all these said people
- Not everyone will be your best friend. You probably won't even talk to the person you stuck with for that first weekend
- Classes are hard. A LOT harder than high school
- Procrastination has never been easier.
- There is such as a thing as eating too much chocolate in one sitting
- Care packages are your favorite thing in life. Actually, getting any sort of mail rocks.
- Netflix streaming will waster hours of your life. hours.
- You will smell like the cafeteria after eating there for every meal. So carry around some spray or something because it's gross.
- Even though it seems like there are an infinite number of food options at first, you will get tired of the cafeteria, and quickly. (that's when you'll miss your mom's cooking)
- You often have to work up a lot of motivation just to do one load of laundry
- You and your roommate don't have to be best friends. But friends is good!
- No matter how hard you declare you won't, you will get homesick. It comes in waves.
- Some nights you'll hear shouts coming from outside your window and wonder if everyone else on campus is out having fun while you're sitting alone in your room. But this happens to everyone, so you're not alone. After all, every night can't be the best night of your life.
- Some days you'll wish you were a five year old kid again. But some days you won't even think of home at all.
- You quickly realize how going to the gym is always a good idea. (after all, there's all you can eat ice cream in the cafeteria...)
- Going to soccer games are awesome. Football would be even cooler, but sadly, not all schools have a team.
- Some days you'll just have to get off campus. Find somewhere a little secluded, like an awesome coffee shop.
- Checking your email is vital. Every hour.
- Weekends are rarely productive, no matter how good your intentions
- College is awesome, but it also means growing up.

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